Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use licensed trades?
Yes. All of our trades are licensed, including the electricians, plumbers, gas technicians and mechanical heating and cooling. 

Are you insured and covered by WSIB (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board)?
Yes. We are insured for two million, and covered by WSIB at a rate of 9.1%. We have located the required 9.1% charge at the bottom of our invoice, so our clients can easily see our premiums.

When & how do I pay? Does the payment have to be all up front?
We offer a couple different payment methods, depending on the job size. Different instalment prices and dates can be arranged prior to the start of a project. As a deposit, we never take more than 20%.
You can pay by two methods: cash or certified cheque. We currently do not accept MasterCard or Visa, but we are in the process of implementing it to make paying more convenient for our clients.

Are you registered for HST with the Canadian Government?
Yes. We are registered with the Canadian Government’s HST. You can find our HST number at the bottom of our invoice, or upon request.

How can I stay informed about the following steps during the duration of the project?
We believe that constant communication is essential throughout projects. We will discuss and walk-through a very detailed process prior to the start of our project. We like our clients to understand the project step-by-step so we can have all questions and concerns addressed. Our diligent project managers will meet with the homeowners on a regular basis. The project manager will coordinate the projects next steps and keep homeowners informed of each strategic decision.

Who buys all the materials?
Generally, we supply and purchase all materials. If there are other arrangements or purchases you have made, please provide details and advise our project manager.

How can I trust Cass Construction to quote a job fairly and finish in a timely fashion?
We pride ourselves on our working relationships, strong communication, trust and efficiency. You can trust that Cass Construction will quote a job fairly and work efficiently because we thrive on our clients feedback and referrals. If you are unhappy with the quote or project steps, we are happy to discuss alternate options.

How can quotes vary so much from contractor to contractor?
Quotes will vary from contractor to contractor due to the cost of project materials, overhead costs and hourly rates. Some contractors may charge significantly lower, but may not have the proper licenses or knowledge. Our rates are competitive amongst other contractors. 


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