We can help you update your master bathroom to create that desired spa-like ambience.

When beginning to plan a bathroom renovation it is important to keep in mind that depending on the bathroom, it will either need to be designed with high functionality or practical use. A high functionality bathroom is generally a master bathroom. Functionality is important for those early mornings getting ready for work, or for those late nights where a relaxing warm bath is calling your name. A practical bathroom would likely be a half bathroom near your entertainment areas.

We begin your bathroom renovation with an in-depth consultation, discussing with you the several key factors that a bathroom renovation has. The keys facts to take into account are: the plumbing, replacements of tubs, showers or toilets, vanity size and cabinetry appropriate for the space. To make effective use of the space, we will consult you on your various options and potential bathroom layouts. The aesthetic features of a bathroom allow renovations to be highly customizable. 

Based on the size and scope of the bathroom renovation, the renovation process can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. Throughout the entire process, Cass Construction will professionally advise you on all your bathroom options. With a wide variety of choices, you will have the ability to customize your bathroom exactly how you’d like on your budget.

It is our promise to communicate with you throughout the entire remodeling process, and we will ensure you are involved in every decision and every renovation made.

A bathroom is a room in your home that is used each day. Creating your dream bathroom could be easier than you think when working with Cass Construction & Renovations. Whether you are interested in updating your bathroom to have a luxurious shower or simply interested in changing the cabinetry or countertops, we can help.